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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dutch Cyclists Shun Helmets - Wall Street Journal Article

Dutch cyclist are fighting the recommendaton by health professionals to wearing helmets. This is a familiar controversy where some cycling advocates are wary of encouraging helmets because it sends a message that cycling can be dangerous. The other side argues that not wearing a helmet is risky behavior. I think we've heard this argument before but which ever side you are on you can read about it below in the motherland of cycling in Europe. I personaly perfer to maintain as many brain cells as I can. Link below: Scott

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  1. It seems very likely that the writer of this article uses a bike only for recreation. I agree that when using bikes for recreation or commuting, helmet use is easy. You end your trip and take off the helmet. However, if you're using your bike as primary transportation, it's a real pain to carry a helmet around in stores. It's probably even worse in Europe where stores have narrower aisles and shopping carts are rarely used.